Kern County’s guide to a beautiful wedding!

Kern County’s guide to a beautiful wedding!

Your wedding day must be iconic and memorable but also channel your unique essence. In short, it must be perfect! However, sometimes finding the bridge from your dreams to reality may prove to be more challenging than you expected it to be – especially if you are trying to find local services and communities that honor fashion-forward trends. You need fresh ideas, a contemporary edge, and of course, class and refinement. So where do you start searching?

That’s where we come in! If you are planning a Bakersfield wedding, or somewhere in Kern County, we have everything you need to pull off a one-of-a-kind celebration.

From passionate Bakersfield wedding vendors and stunning venues to discovering new trends, ideas, and tips – you will find everything under one single roof. While tailoring a dream event used to involve endless searching and countless trips to find nearby professionals or scouting the internet and social media for the right lead; now, we have made it easier for both couples and vendors to thrive in a community dedicated to their unique needs!

Who are we?

A New Era for Couples – a bridge that connects newly engaged couples with quality Kern County wedding vendors!

When we formed the vision of Avadena, it wasn’t just the thought of connecting couples with a typical Bakersfield wedding vendor directory. No, it was first and foremost providing them with fresh choices of professionals. Vendors who are focused on the latest trends while entwining a touch of timeless sophistication, class, and fashionable edge. Those who offer services that shift the limits of the conventional, perfectly aligned with the dreams of modern romantics. Thus, at the beginning of 2022, Avadena was founded with the sole purpose to translate couples’ dreams into reality.

As one of the primary steps of every couple is finding and booking their Bakersfield wedding venue, we also focused on providing a premium selection of spaces that can seamlessly meet your needs. What we care about is finding a venue that would be both local but also extraordinary and special – just like your story. With mandatory modern-day amenities and stunning aesthetics, we carefully pick every estate or property. After all, what we wish is to upscale your dreams into an unforgettable wedding!

Furthermore, in our community, you will find countless tips in the form of free kits, guides, and even honeymoon, and health and wellness ideas. From finding your dream vendor from our Bakersfield wedding vendor directory to discovering your needed advice, Avadena will be your complete go-to for any of your needs!

A Thriving Community for Kern County Wedding Vendors

Not only are we focused on couples, but we have also built a community that favors high-quality services that are bound to make your wedding day memorable. With Avadena we are dedicated to enabling service providers to stay connected on upcoming events. These events are a wonderful opportunity for any California wedding vendor to participate and curate something special. Whether it is an amazingly designed and bold editorial or an event to nurture local values and relationships, as a vendor you will be able to elevate your skills and creativity.

Some of the Bakersfield wedding vendors who can be found are photographers, planners, videographers, catering, dresses and gowns, tuxedos and suits, cake artists, entertainment, stationery and invitation designers, transportation vendors, lighting professionals, jewelry designers, beauty artists, florists, rentals, venues and even gift curators, honeymoon planning services and health and fitness.

Our team firmly believes in a strong local community where genuine relationships can be cultivated. With the option to log in as a bride or a vendor, a plethora of opportunities will be presented at your fingertips.

A modern take on meaningful wedding values

As passionate followers of trends and contemporary visual delights, we present a modern take on how you can plan your day or elevate your skills. From finding your dream vendor to booking your ideal clients – Avadena was founded in the name of the chic and fashionable wedding industry. If you have been worn down by the same old ideas, this is your chance to discover fresh inspiration locally. No need to wonder whether such a vendor exists, now you can easily find it in our community. A premier online guide to a beautiful celebration and a space where you can grow as a service provider.

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