Be Inspired. What to expect from Avadena.

Be Inspired. What to expect from Avadena.

Real Weddings

We wish to feature and honor real weddings from Kern County – real ideas for real couples! We are aware that every newly engaged pair wishes to discover a genuine event that was planned with so much love with the help of the local vendors. Thus, we will be painting a picture of many different modern styles to inspire your senses! Through showcasing these events, you will gain a myriad of ideas on how you can also customize your iconic day and turn it into something extraordinary. With the help of our cherished Bakersfield wedding professionals, nothing is impossible!

Wedding Tips, Advice, and Guides

When planning your special day, it is vital to obtain any help that you may get. That is why we have decided to dedicate a part where you will be able to learn all the tips and tricks to help you on your journey. Regardless of whether it is advice on how to find your perfect Kern County wedding venue, discovering how to make your own timeline, or a complete checklist to guide you through every step – our resources are packed with valuable information and ideas. We are just as excited to help you in any way you can and translate your vision into an iconic celebration of love!

Ready to begin your planning journey with us by your side? Simply get in touch by filling out this form. We are thrilled to connect you with the best local Bakersfield wedding service providers and fill your dreams with the newest chic trends, ideas, and tips! As a complimentary gift, we will send you our valuable FREE wedding planning guide upon subscription!

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